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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Sophisticated in features and decisive in lines

A veritable design object, Adagio is the perfect combination of appealing aesthetics and technological innovation. A clean shape and extreme attention to detail come together with perimeter extraction that assures maximum efficiency in the purification of fumes and vapours from the surrounding environment. In addition, the neon lighting at the top of the hood makes it possible to work in the kitchen with great safety.

Adagio can be activated by an intuitive touch-control interface, positioned along the horizontal surface, making possible to manage the various features of the hood with a simple touch.

In order to ensure the maximum functionality, when not in use, the hood is perfectly concealed inside the stove, and comes out when required with an elegant movement.


Size (cm)90
Finishes/ColoursStainless steel + black glass
VersionRecirculating (internal motor) / Ducted (external motor)
CommandsTouch control 3V+I
Lighting1x14 W Neon
MAX Airflow (m³/h)800 -1500( external motor)
Noise level db(A)38-58; 52-64(external motor)
Total absorption (W)250 ;310(external motor)
Duct size (mm)150 - 200


  • High Performance
    High Performance
  • Downdraft


ADAGIO TC3I 1PL BL/F/90   PRF0006191
ADAGIO TC3I 1PL IX/F/90   PRF0006197


whie remote control   KIT0010436
External motor   PRF0006216 GME77
Filtro de carbón   CFC0009796

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