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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Loop is the vertical Elica hood in Cristalplant with soft elegant lines that recall the design of SNAP, the new Elica aspiration system that monitors and improves air quality. The use of Cristalplant, a material that is worked through cast molding, guarantees easy cleaning and leaves maximum freedom for design, thus accentuating the curves of the product and making its shapes three-dimensional. The double aspiration (double breathe), in the bottom side of the appliance and around the ring, contributes to reaching high performance standards. The innovative Tune-White feature, allowing for the adjustment of the tonality of white of the lighting, together with maximum (class A+) energy and filtering efficiency, enhance the product with innovative technological features. Embellished by glass and polished steel in the front aspiration part, and by the touch control command found on transparent elements designed to ensure maximum comfort, the product is available in two colors, slate black or matte white. Equipped with sensor technology that allows for automatic aspiration of vapors, Loop is part of the new Téchne Elica product line, created to join design and technology. Furthermore, Loop is connectable with SNAP for full management of air quality in the home. 

Technical specification

Size (cm)75
Finishes/ColoursCristalplant nero + vetro nero / Cristalplant nero + vetro bianco
ControlsTouch control 3S + B
LightingStrip Led 7w 2700-6000K
MAX Airflow (m³/h)757
MAX Noise Level db(A)54
Total absorption (W)317
Duct size (mm)150
FiltroFiltro grassi alluminio e Revolution Filter


LOOP WH/F/75   PRF0120963
LOOP BL/F/75   PRF0120964

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