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Cloud Nine

Elica Design Center

Cloud Nine is the Elica hood for installation in a false ceiling.Cloud Nine is characterised by high performance levels that make it particularly suitable for large kitchens and/or eating habits that require intense boiling, frying and grilling.It comes with a simple and intuitive remote control kit to manage all the hood functions.Made of stainless steel and white glass, it has a smooth, linear design. The perimeter extraction system makes it possible to increase the speed with which cooking fumes are captured, improving the effectiveness of the hood. The elegant glass that hides the visible filters simplifies cleaning and maintenance of the hood.Through its presence/absence, Cloud Nine is a discreet furnishing element that adapts to contemporary daily living in an ideal manner. 


CLOUD NINE WH/A/120   PRF0010423


Charcoal filter   CFC0010590

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