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Empty Sky Sense

Design Fabrizio Crisà

Empty Sky was born out of the idea of a "slic e" in the ceiling that opens up to purify the air. White Cristaplant allows the hood to blend, givingthree dimensionality to the ceiling. The command bar is made up of tw o U shaped elements, the top one is made of polished s teel, the bottom one of brushed steel. The bar is positioned exactly in the center of the hob, while the aspiration feature is found on the top. In fact, aspiration areas are located in the 'slice' and in the perimet er of the hood. T his spectacular visual effect 'hides' Elica's very high performances.

Technical specification

Size (cm)120
Finishes/ColoursWhite Crystalplant
Controls3s + B touch control (sensor)
LightingStrip Led 7w 4000K
MAX Airflow (m³/h)559
MAX Noise Level db(A)60
Total absorption (W)217
Duct size (mm)150
FiltroGrease filter aluminium and Long life filter included


Empty Sky Sense WH/F/120   PRF0120974