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Design Fabrizio Crisà

BACK TO THE FUTURE Sweet is the reinterpretation of the classic icon of the chimney hood.

The technopolymer construction creates smooth lines that soften the forms and create harmony in an object that will stand the test of time and can now be adapted to any kitchen environment.Painstaking attention is paid to every detail of Sweet, from the materials to the finishes: a thin, polished steel line helps the hood stand out, enhancing the curved, harmonious forms. The elegant perimeter extraction system makes it possible to increase the speed with which cooking fumes are captured, improving effectiveness. The illuminated capacitive commands, positioned at the front, adjust the extraction and lighting features.The lighting is characterised by a LED strip light, which ensures strong intensity over the hobs, so as to ensure excellent visibility and the best possible lighting for food preparation.The 86 cm hood is available in: white, dove grey, light blue, ivory, orange and green.Sweet is the evolution of memory forms, a reinterpretation of the hood into a functional object to decorate various types of kitchen


  • Led light
    Led light
  • Long life filter
    Long life filter

Awards won



SWEET AZUR F/85   PRF0043032
SWEET GREEN F/85   PRF0043035
SWEET IVORY F/85   PRF0043033
SWEET ORANGE F/85   PRF0043034
SWEET UMBER F/85   PRF0043031
SWEET WHITE F/85   PRF0043030


Long life filter   CFC0047652
Chimney extension kit azur   KIT0049582
Chimney extension kit pearl   KIT0049583
Chimney extension kit green   KIT0049585
Chimney extension kit orange   KIT0049584

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