Designed and created with a keen ear to the needs and desires of its customers, Elica brand products express the very essence of Italian craftsmanship in innovative solutions that can meet the needs of various approaches to food and home.
Elica's combination and compilation of experiences has made it a reliable and expert company that satisfies millions of customers around the world.



"The Elica Design Center plans things around people. Elica range hoods are designed to communicate with people, to help them define their own living and doing space. Careful observation of the gestures people make in preparing food is the foundation underpinning the design of useful and intuitive objects that make it easier to use the space; they define it and furnish it, giving power and form to everyday actions. At Elica, design is: "

  • Balance

    Absolute simplicity of lines, negation of the superfluous, essentiality as its guiding inspiration, subtraction as its key characteristic: these are the essential values to obtain a perfect form balance.

  • Attention to detail

    We make range hoods as unique as the finishings that set them apart. Attention to every detail makes Elica products the symbol of the perfect combination of industrial manufacture and manual skill.

  • Ease

    We design and make high-performance design range hoods, whose purity of form becomes a distinctive feature. Technology and aesthetics are intended for easy, fast and intuitive interaction.

  • Anticipation

    To plan and design means to project oneself forward, anticipating the needs and desires of people around the world. We believe in tradition and in the future, bringing together craftsmanship and industry in a constantly evolving dimension guided by ongoing research.

  • Emotion

    Technology and design to offer new sensory stimuli that can stir timeless emotions. New shapes and geometries, novel colors and materials for kitchen hoods with strong compositional and design sensibility.


Reliability, high performance, ease of installation and energy efficiency: these are the key concepts that have always guided Elica technological research.When shifting the point of view from the object to the person, new suction, lighting and interaction systems can be designed to simply meet concrete requirements of use.


    Models with exceptionally high ventilation performance, which are ideal for large kitchens or kitchens that can expect intense sessions of boiling, frying and grilling.


    These extractor hoods have an air vent both at the top and the bottom. 
The classic top vent is recommended for both operation in recirculation mode and ducted mode with an exposed chimney. 
The innovative rear vent makes ducted operation possible with a connection from the hood to an exhaust duct set inside the wall. The hood is installed over this duct.


    The kitchen hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. The technology used makes operations extremely quiet, and nearly imperceptible at low speeds, reducing environmental sound pollution by more than 35% compared with traditional hoods, without compromising ventilation performance. EDS3 is an exclusive Elica patent.


    The kitchen hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. The technology used makes operations extremely quiet, and nearly imperceptible at low speeds, reducing environmental sound pollution by more than 35% compared with traditional hoods, without compromising ventilation performance. EDS3 is an exclusive Elica patent.


    Innovative odor filter with an advanced level of efficiency. It is unique, and can regenerate itself and last up to a maximum of 3 years, compared with standard filters that last from 3 - 6 months on average.
In order to maintain these characteristics, the filter must be washed every 2 or 3 months in hot water and a gentle dish soap, or in the dishwasher at 150°F. After washing and draining off excess water, the filter can be dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 215°F.


    Whether you want to cook, chat or just chill, lighting is a vital ingredient. All Elica range hoods efficiently illuminate the work surface, and the ones featuring “Ambient Light” also diffuse light into the surrounding environment. This is an advantageous option that delivers an additional light source to illuminate and decorate your kitchen.


    Products featuring Easy Installation are designed to make installing the product easier, whether it's wall-mounted, through series of adjustments to align the product between cabinets, or if it's built-in, following some simple steps.


    Low consumption is guaranteed for Elica products by the innovative Synairgy system and the Chef Control command interface. Synairgy is the most efficient suction system for kitchen hoods in the world, reducing the consumption of electricity by 50% over traditional hoods. Synairgy harmoniously combines a soundless electrical system with an intelligent electronic control that can adjust on its own. Chef Control is the innovative digital control that sets the ideal suction depending on the sort of cooking being done. What's more, the special Silent and Booster functions instantly activate maximum silence or maximum power to extract any especially intense fumes or vapors.

  • LED

    These extractor hoods are equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems. The LEDs ensure optimal illumination of the cooking surface to make food prep easier. In addition, they last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and save 90% more electricity.


All Elica products are tested in company laboratories and the quality controls follow the strictest international standards. Founded in 1988 and located in Serra San Quirico, Italy, the Elica Techlab was conceived in accordance with EN ISO standard 17025, and is the only lab in the world dedicated to kitchen hoods, certified by Ul International Demko. It is also the only lab in Italy, and one of just a few in Europe that is capable of running certain specific tests, particularly in the area of acoustics. The tangible results are demonstrated by the patents on EDS3 (Elica Deep Silence) and EDS3 Plus, which have slashed range hood sound levels by up to 40%. The laboratory's mission is to ensure safety and reliability, while achieving performance goals for all Elica products and components.



Contributing to sustainable development and to reducing emissions and consumption in manufacturing processes has led to impressive performance with minimum environmental impact. Elica hoods liberate and cleanse the air around us. Social responsibility is one of the company's leading commitments to the environment, the territory, and its relationships with people.



The experience of our designers and the dedication of our personnel come together in a single course driven by passion and attention to detail, resulting in the kitchen hoods installed in homes around the world. Our passion for design and care in manufacturing translates into focus on the customer as they make their selection and their purchase. Every model undergoes lab tests and checks to ensure efficient suction, electrical safety, low noise and high reliability. Tests are performed at the end of the production line to verify functional, aesthetic, and packaging quality. Careful focus on the product continues in distribution, through to delivery to customers. In addition to a conventional manufacturer's warranty, Elica offers the option of extending the warranty to 5 years through the purchase of diversified service packages to extend the life of your product and avoid any unexpected problems.

  • ISO 9001ISO 14001